Radiography Cassette

Radiography Cassette

Radiography Cassette

Radiography Cassette is an essential for field work of Radiographic Testing (RT) field operation. In the Darkroom, films are loaded into cassette with lead screen as sandwich to ensure isolation against light. Lead screens helps to get images in Film. The cassettes are made of wear resistance material, ideal for contoured or flat work surface. Both Artificial leather and PVC can be used as raw material to manufacturing cassettes.

Swing with high quality yarn ensures longevity of joints of materials. Thanks to the double layer of artificial leather and cloth which makes lights impossible to damage the film.

The “with magnet” cassettes makes work even easier while working in Shipbuilding, boiler, tanks, high rise scrappers etc. It do not require any elastic band or extra magnet to hold the cassette. Highly powered magnets are able to hold the cassettes without any displacement.

Available sizes are:

3 inch x 8 inch

3 inch x 10 inch

3 inch x 12 inch

3 inch x 15 inch

3 inch x 20 inch

4 inch x 8 inch

4 inch x 10 inch

4 inch x 12 inch

4 inch x 15 inch

4 inch x 20 inch

These cassettes are imported from China based on customer’s requirement. Also it is certainly possible to supply with same size lead screen having 0.05 inch (0.125mm) which is best for different speed films like D4, D7, D5 etc.

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