Lead Screen

Lead Screen

Lead Intensifying Screen

Lead Screens are thin sheet of lead foil mounted on card/paper for ease of handling. One is placed on each side of an x-ray/ radiography film in close contact with it, inside a cassette or film-holder before exposure.

This screens increase the exposure of the film largely due to electrons emitted b y the screens during an exposure. For general speed film the normal thickness of lead screen is 0.005 inch (0.125 mm).

Our screens are made from finest available lead foil, laminated onto flexible white photographic base card. Each screen is visually examined and selected ones are radiographed. As our cassettes and lead screens are manufactured by same manufacturer, the quality is best possible.

Available Screen Sizes:

3 inch x 8 inch

3 inch x 10 inch

3 inch x 12 inch

3 inch x 15 inch

3 inch x 20 inch

4 inch x 8 inch

4 inch x 10 inch

4 inch x 12 inch

4 inch x 15 inch

4 inch x 20 inch

It is essential to remove the protective layer from screen before use. Otherwise, the quality may be decrease. Please contact us for your requirement.


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