Crank Unit

Crank Unit

Crank Unit is used for Radiographic Testing. Both Reel type and Pistol grip type is available. It is used to launch the Isotope (Ir 192) to the guide tube, so it can expose the Radiographic Film. The winder should be smooth so the operator and technicians absorb lowest radiation.


  • Aluminized pistol grip, strong, light weight and durable construction
  • Smooth wind out mechanism
  • Two gears which enable prompt protraction and retraction
  • Steady wind out
  • Isotope can be retracted in under 10 seconds. Lessen the time operators are exposed to radiation
  • Compatible with Tech-ops 880, 660, 660B


Cable: Poly Vinyl cover interior and exterior

Wire: Flexible spiral metal wire

Frame: Strong, lightweight aluminum – Hamerite finish

Pistol Grip Type:

The pistol grip unit is comprised of the hand crank with two gears, a pair of control housings, a Teleflex drive cable and a safety connector assembly (jaws).

Reel type:

The reel is the same as the pistol grip but mounted onto a strong lightweight aluminum frame for easy transportation and to give better handling stability.

Source Guide Tube/ Source Extension Tube:

Source guide tubes are flexible stainless steel tubes with a protective polyvinyl covering and are available to fit all type of projector units. Extension tubes are interconnectable to provide required length or can be replaced if damaged. The extension tube has a male connector on one end and a female connector on the other, and can be used with a disconnectable source stop as a guide tube termination. Brass fittings.

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