AH4000 Series Hybrid Memory Recorders

AH4000 Series Hybrid Memory Recorders

AH4000 series is a hybrid recorder which employs bright and clear, easy to view LCD display.

Measuring value display is prepared as 1 point display, multi-points simultaneous display and digital display + bar graph display. Various measuring and recording settings can be easily done by front key switch and confirmed by LCD digital display.

Equipped with SD card (sold separately) and it can record data, read and write setting value. Full multi range: Equipped with DC voltage 10 kinds, T/C 36 kinds, RTD 12 kinds, in total 58 kinds. Easily set the range per channels. Provided with USB port and connect with PC directly. RS232C, RS422A, RS485 and Ethernet communication interface is optionally prepared. When Ethernet is selected, settings from the web and E-mail alarm notification are added.

Data analysis software can replay display, wave process, editing and trend display. Parameter setting software can manage the setting information on PC. Set 4 types of alarm per each input points. When alarm occurs, status display “ALM” flashes and measuring value flashes at LCD operation screen. Can set the alarm operation when chart end is detected. Process the measured data by programming setting and displayed/recorded data of each channels are shown as programmed result data.

For PWHT, the machines are pre-programmed so can be plug and play. The recommended for PWHT operation is 0 – 1200C.

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