120 KW Post Weld Heat Treatment unit

120 KW Post Weld Heat Treatment unit

Model: ZWK-II-120KW


Special features of the machine is working individual in different jobs, even can be used for same job together. 8 segment controls with maximum temperature of 999°C. The indicator mounted at the front panel allows user to monitor the output voltage, output current and temperature directly. The built in Chino EH3000 recorder is capable of monitor and record 6 channel in real time.


Recorder features:

Chino EH3000 series is a dot printing type analog recorder sized 288 x 288mm with 180mm width 12 points and records temperature clearly.  Highly accuracy of ±25% with wide range of input voltage (100 – 240 VAC). With different chart speed and easy to use features makes comfortable to work with. Easiness of recording chart paper even in the darkness, thanks to the white LED illumination adoption. You can even adjust the brightness of the LED. The recording range of the recorder is 0 – 1200 °C.


The temperature control Fuji, Japan temperature controller
Recorder CHINO EH3000
SCR 200 bidirectional thyristor
Temperature control 6 channel, each controls 2 nos. of ceramic heater.
Temperature record point 6
Input voltage 3 phase, 380VAC, 50-60 Hz
Output voltage 6 channel, 220 VAC
Maximum Output rating 120 KW
Number of heaters 12



Flexible Ceramic Heating Pads:

Different sizes of ceramic heaters are available with the machine. The normal sizes are followings:

Diameter (inch) Model Power Voltage Size
¢8 LCD-10-220 10KW 220V 670*340mm
¢10 LCD-10-220 10KW 220V 828*280mm
¢12 LCD-10-220 10KW 220V 988*240mm
¢14 LCD-10-220 10KW 220V 1148*200mm
¢16 LCD-10-220 10KW 220V 1307*180mm
¢18 LCD-10-220 10KW 220V 1435*160mm
¢20 LCD-10-220 10KW 220V 1600*140mm
¢24 LCD-10-220 10KW 220V 1900*120mm


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