Orion DPT (Dye Penetrant Testing) Chemical

Orion DPT (Dye Penetrant Testing) Chemical

Orion series of dye penetrant flaw detection materials consist of a Red dye penetrant, Developer and Penetrant Remover/ Cleaner. It is used for the detection of surface defects of all kinds of material. In this process the inspection is carried out of under normal light.

Red Dye Penetrant:

Brilliant Red mobile fluid with very low surface tension and capillary action.

Penetrant Remover/ Cleaner:

Solvent based, volatile liquid that cleans and remove grease and other types of dirt and also removes excess penetrant from the surface.


Solvent based, volatile liquid suspension containing very fine white powders. It is used for drawing out the penetrant from the defects onto the surface of the component under inspection and provides and uniform white background for maximum contrast. Bright red indication of the defects are revealed clearly on the surface.


  • Quickly and accurately locates surface defects which are invisible to the naked eye
  • Non – corrosive to all type of metals
  • Non – toxic
  • High area coverage


General purpose for castings forgings, welding and rough surface inspection.


  • Remove dirt, grease and dust from the surface with Penetrant Remover
  • Apply red dye penetrant on the surface to be tested and allow to dwell for five to twenty minutes
  • Wipe off the excess penetrant with a dampened with remover
  • Apply Developer uniformly over the surface
  • Defects flaw will be visible as bright red indications.

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