Magnaglo® 14AM Prepared Oil Bath

Magnaglo® 14AM Prepared Oil Bath

14AM is a fluorescent prepared bath of 14A powder mixed with Carrier II (a high flash point petroleum vehicle). Ready to use without measuring and mixing.

Specifications Compliance:

ASTM E 1444, ASTM E-709 (E-138), Cummins IS-16048-13, MIL-STD 2132, Boeing PS 21201, British Std. B.S. 4069, DOD-F-87935, AMS-3045, AMS-3046 (aerosol package only)


Magnaglo® 14AM is used to locate fine surface and slightly subsurface discontinuities such as: inclusions, seams, shrink cracks, tears, laps, flakes, welding defects, grinding cracks, quenching cracks and fatigue cracks.


Color under white light : Brown
Color under black light : Yellow-green
Mean particle size : 6 micron
SAE sensitivity : 8-9
Setting volume : 0.30 – 0.40 ml
Temperature limit : 55-120 F


Available form:

Available in aerosol can spray form

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