Magnaflux SKL SP1 Penetrant

Magnaflux SKL SP1 Penetrant

Spotcheck® SKL-SP1 is a solvent removable penetrant offering maximum reliability in the detection of surface-open flaws and discontinuities.

Spotcheck® SKL-SP1 is a solvent removable (or post emulsifiable) red color contrast penetrant with outstanding penetrating characteristics. It offers maximum reliability in locating surface-open flaws and discontinuities and has been successfully used on non-porous ceramics and other similar materials.

Salient features:

  • Ideal for applications where portability is required.
  • Available in aerosol or liquid form.
  • The vivid red color permits daylight inspection.
  • Meets major military specifications.
  • A complete line of cleaners and developers, as well as Water Wash or Post Emulsifiable penetrants, are available.


Color : Deep red
Odor : Bland, Oily
Flash point : 93⁰C maximum
Corrosion : Meets requirements of ASM 2644
Density : 0.85g / ml
Viscosity @ 38⁰C : 3.3 centistokes
Sulfur content : Less than 300 ppm
Chloride content : Less than 300 ppm



  • Welds
  • Forgings/ casting
  • Pressure vessel
  • Leak testing
  • General metal work
  • Construction

Temperature range:

4⁰C – 52⁰C

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